Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction

Little Bayou Creek – Northwest Plume Seep Discharge Projects

The PGDP Northwest Plume ( TCE & 99Tc) groundwater contamination daylights, or surfaces, in Little Bayou Creek 3 miles downgradient of the PGDP’s industrial area sources of groundwater contamination. A substantial amount of field characterization data has been collected by researchers in order to understand the physical and temporal relationship of contaminated groundwater and discharge to Little Bayou Creek. Dr. Alan Fryar, Dr. Danita LaSage, and graduate students from the University of Kentucky Department of Earth and Environmental Science – Hydrogeology Program have monitored Little Bayou Creek in the vicinity of the seeps since 1999 in order to characterize the physical and temporal characteristics of groundwater-surface water interaction. Initial work was conducted through from funding sources preceding KRCEE and the DOE. Significant work is discussed in whole or in part in the journal articles below.