Surface Water Remediation: Total Maximum Daily Load Phase 1

The Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Project Phase 1

Surface Water Assessment and Management of the PGDP Facility and the Surrounding Wildlife Management Area


A comprehensive surface water model has not been developed for the PDGP or the surrounding wildlife management area. In addition, a general mass balance model for process waters does not exist. This project will focus on the development of such models for use in subsequent management plan development and TMDL development.


  1. Provide a hydrologic characterization of the PGDP and surrounding Western Kentucky Wildlife Management Area
  2. Develop TMDLs for cited constituents for Little and Big Bayou Creeks


  1. Provide routine interface with UK project manager through email and/or telephone, and when necessary, through written correspondence or actual meetings
  2. Develop and calibrate continuous simulation hydrologic models for both the Big Bayou and Little Bayou Creek watersheds using the HSPF watershed model
  3. Develop a mass balance (spreadsheet) model for the PGDP facility identifying and incorporating all significant water inputs and outputs


Project Manager
Lindell Ormsbee, Director, Kentucky Research Consortium for Energy and Environment, University of Kentucky
Principal Investigators
Mike Kemp, Professor, Murray State University
Andy Kellie, Professor, Murray State University