Educational Outreach

Public Outreach and Education Challenge

UK CoD students prep


It became clear early in the KRCEE mission that misconceptions about the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant are the norm.  With their background in academics, KRCEE investigators realize the only way to combat a lack of knowledge or awareness is through education.

They knew they needed to reach the largest possible amount of people; students, government officials, and the public, to educate or re-educate them on the PGDP cleanup possibilities. 

Future Use

Public Forum

Due to the public's rising suspicions of government and institutions, communicating the science of cleanup and starting a conversation about the real challenges was difficult.

KRCEE investigators came up with an idea of educating the students first and with their unhampered imaginations, allow the students to 'brainstorm' on the real challenges of the PGDP.  Then allow the students to present their genuine findings to the public, local and international communities.

Hence the Atomic Cities Research Teams were formed as a part of the University of Kentucky's College of Design's River Cities Project.  To find out more about the University of Kentucky's College of Design (UKCoD) Re-Making City, Paducah Research Project and see the displays, visit our Atomic City page.

Enrichment 101


To learn more about the enrichment process performed at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant visit our Enrichment 101 page.


Physical Models

Physical Models of the PGDP were developed to aid in further discovery, open dialog, and engage the public.

Video History

VideosIn order to quickly educate and reach all audiences, 2 informative documentaries were produced in collaboration with KRCEE.  Watch them here.