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Posters are displays at meetings and conferences that communicate a scientific overview and conclusion of specific research. Depending on the intended audience, some posters may provide more detail than others.

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ChallengeProjectsProject Items
GeologyLithostratigraphyGeologic mapping of near-surface sediments in the northern Mississippi Embayment, McCracken County, Ky
Groundwater RemediationOxidative and Reductive In-Situ TCE DestructionDegradation of Toxic Organics by Nanosized Metallic Systems and by Hydroxyl Radical Reaction
Groundwater RemediationOxidative and Reductive In-Situ TCE DestructionNanotechnology and Oxidative Techniques for Remediation
HydroGeologyGW/Surface Water InteractionSpatial and seasonal variability in groundwater discharge and contaminant fluxes along a channelized stream in Western Kentucky
Seismic IssuesCentral United States Seismic Observatory (CUSSO)The Central United States Seismic Observatory and Kentucky Vertical Strong-Motion Network
Seismic IssuesPGDP Holocene Faulting AssessmentSite-Specific Fault Rupture Hazard Assessment – Fluorspar Area Fault Complex , Western Kentucky (PGDP) Top of Rock 60 m 0 UK1A-1A' UK1B-1B' UK1C-1C' DeformationZonesLine SL-2 intersectionDrill ProfilesSN020406080100120140160180200220240 UK1A-1A' UK1B-1B' UK1C-1C' DZ1-1
Seismic IssuesSeismic CharacterizationExtreme Ground Motion at Yucca Mountain: A Statistical Result
Seismic IssuesSeismic Hazard AssessmentRecommended Design Ground Motion for Facilities at Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant
Seismic IssuesSeismic Hazard AssessmentThe Vertical Strong-Motion Stations of the Kentucky Strong Motion Network